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We are a team of experts in the digital field who have fun creating efficient solutions and know how to move fast in the mobile maze.

Somos expertos en desarrollo de Apps en Flutter o nativo.

How we work?

Paso a paso hacía el producto de éxito

App Discovery
App Design
App Development
App Growth

Our services

¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

Transformación Nativo a Flutter

Analizamos como transformar tu App realizada en nativo o en web app, para pasarla a Flutter.
No hay límites. Hemos realizado migraciones de Apps complejas que requerrian de partes nativas.

App Development

Solo tenemos los mejores desarrolladores de aplicaciones en nuestra agencia. De principio a fin, utilizamos la última tecnología para el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles. Tanto Nativas como en Flutter. Montamos todo el ecosistema API, Server, etc

App Design

Sabemos lo que no sabemos. Debido a esto, sometemos todos los diseños a las pruebas de los usuarios, y el diseño con mejor rendimiento gana. Sin egos, sin corazonadas, sin “Confía en mí, sé cómo se hace”. Solo datos.

App Growth

Estamos dedicados a ayudar a vuestra aplicación móvil a encontrar su audiencia.
En el mercado actual, una sólida estrategia de adquisición y crecimiento de usuarios es fundamental para construir un negocio escalable, rentable y autosostenible.

Our services

Tu Idea de la aplicación móvil se convierte en un proyecto aquí

Aplicaciones Nativas y Flutter

We cover all mobile platforms offering functional solutions as we develop scalable applications

UX / UI design

We create an experience from scratch, our designers will ensure that the application visitor has a smooth, easy and intuitive experience

Analytics and Reporting

Modern application analytics systems are a treasure trove of information. We help understand who and how uses the app


Publication of the app in the App Store and Google Play, constant work with keywords and conversion optimization

Apps Flutter

Expertos en desarrollo Flutter

Social Media Marketing

You already know that Facebook is not just for uploading photos of cats. Get in touch with us to harness the power of its users

Our services

Here we validate the idea and work on the strategy for the launch of the mobile application. Who is the user? How big is the market? What are the costs? What will the ROI be?

Market study. We work with market research specialists to determine where your marketing efforts are best spent, identifying your target demographic, and streamlining resources. It also includes competition analysis.

User Personas and User Journeys. It is a central element of the project launch and allows you to capture the user journeys of your clients to help find the opportunities to provide the best user experience.

Technical Design. Before writing a line of code, we’ll work with you to determine the ideal front-end and back-end technology stack for your application. Choosing the right technology is a crucial step in determining the scalability and performance of your application.

User Acquisition Strategy. Experts who have seen the tactics, trial and error of the mobile app marketing world will work on your user acquisition strategy.

We know what we don’t know. Because of this, we put all designs through user testing, and the best performing design wins. No egos, no hunches, no “Trust me, I know how to do it.” Data only.

Wireframes and Prototype. Our visual design team focuses on innovation that complements the user experience.

User Testing. We continually analyze and use data to identify trends and validate designs that drive user adoption.

Branding. Branding isn’t just about looks, logo, and color scheme; it is much more in the case of mobile applications. We help create a positive app brand identity so your users love your apps.

We only have the best app developers in our agency. From start to finish, we use the latest technology for mobile application development.

Native Applications. Do you need an application for Apple (iOS), Google (Android), Microsoft or other platforms? We develop native mobile applications that include the features and capabilities you need for smartphones or tablets.

Hybrid Applications. Most of today’s applications combine browser-based applications and native mobile applications, helping businesses offer more functionality and versatility than just native or web-based applications.

API development. We specialize in API development, testing, monitoring, and integrations across multiple industries, including (but not limited to) finance, banking, insurance, and hospitality.

After successfully developing an app, it is equally important to market it. Marketing services for mobile applications are crucial to the success of the app. Marketing and growth strategy will help teach the app to your target audience.

PPC campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram ads, etc). PPC is one of the most effective online marketing techniques that can be used to build a strong online presence.

ASO (App Store Optimization) y Optimización de Conversión. Aquí publicamos la aplicación en App Store y Google Play y luego trabajamos con palabras claves de alto tráfico. También optimizamos las aplicaciones para aumentar la conversión y las descargas.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a free tool that application developers can leverage in their application design process and take their applications to the next level. SEO can help you get discovered organically by customers

Social Media Management. It enables brands to intimately connect with their audience, brand ambassadors, and more. We design social media strategies that connect social engagement and income generation.

User Engagement. We design custom app marketing campaigns to increase user engagement. We work with push notifications, chats, chatbots, wish lists, and browsing history to ensure maximum engagement is obtained.

Analytics. We organize and control KPIs at all levels of your marketing funnel. We apply analytical models to improve campaign performance, close the loop between marketing and sales, and demonstrate marketing ROI.

¿Y que pasa si ya tengo una aplicación en marcha y no me funciona? ¿No genera ingresos? ¿O la gente no la descarga? ¿O no puedo deshacerme de los bugs en la app cada dos por tres? Nosotros tenemos la solución para ello

Audit app. First of all we will have to do the analysis of the entire application to identify where the problem comes from, if we have to focus on increasing conversion, user experience and marketing strategy or on fixing the technical part.

Marketing strategy. In the event that it is necessary to increase the number of users downloading the application, we will dedicate all our efforts to propose a suitable marketing strategy for the business.

Bug Fixing. It may happen that the application has technical problems and as a consequence it is poorly evaluated by users and search engines, which obviously affects the positioning of the app.

Analysis of Comments. It is a very powerful tool when it comes to identifying user needs, and in the end it is they who have to tell us what is missing or requires a review.

About us

We Jump Together!

We are a team of experts in the digital field who have fun creating efficient solutions and know how to move fast in the mobile maze.

We create a comprehensive experience for your business. We design mobile applications and implement successful digital marketing campaigns on mobile devices, web and social networks. We specialize in brand development for businesses, e-commerce and consumer products. Our vision is to transform ideas into great value for our clients. Our goal is to help companies be relevant in the digital age and generate meaningful stories that turn users into their most loyal customers.

Svetlana Meleshkina

Marketing Officer

Ecommerce development specialist with more than 6 years of experience in data-driven marketing, process digitization and sales targets.

Con actitud de ““willing to do her best” y con el enfoque en resolución de problemas y en la comunicación con el cliente.

Pasión por los viajes y el emprendimiento

Ernesto González


With a passion to make mobile Apps, from start to finish.

With the focus on making the best experiences in Apps with the best value for money, Android, iOS or Flutter.

Se dedica a su pasión, ayudar a crear Apps cubriendo los 360 grados 📱, conceptualización, diseño, desarrollo, lanzamiento y crecimiento

For years he has been a developer, team leader, manager or director.

Why work with us

Escuchamos y encontramos la solución

We believe that the most important thing in our work is to listen and understand the needs of each one. We fell in love with the idea and do everything we can to deliver the best results.

Our commitment is maximum.

Mobile First

¿Has contratado a una gran empresa para crear tu App y el resultado parece una Web?

Tenemos años de experiencia en el mundo de las Apps. Sabemos que una App no es una web, ni en su diseño, desarrollo, promoción ni crecimiento.

Trabajamos con los mejores partners para los mejores resultados